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HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract) Cannabis Oil - 100% naturally derived, strain-specific terpenes. 

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Why are Faded Cannabis Co. vape pens one of the most popular vape pens in Canada? If you've tried them, you already know why - but for those that haven't - you'll want to experience true Canadian quality and made to rigid engineered standards for your pleasure and medication.

Based in Vancouver, Faded Cannabis Co. is known as one of the top quality extract companies in North America. Along with their edibles, gummies, and extract concentrates, Faded Vape Pens are made to the highest quality standards.

Faded Vape Pens come with 1 ml of 99.6% pure distillate - 1000 mg of THC in all THC Faded Vape Pens.

Each vaporizer pen is housed with a 530mAh BBTANK vaporizer that is rechargeable.

#STAYFADED with Faded Vape Pens!

Our Faded Vape Pen Selection

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Faded Cannabis Co. products - available from 420Now Weed Delivery - with Free Delivery To The GTA - only 100.00 minimum order. Canada Wide Shipping Available

Find out why our customers adore Faded Vape Pens! Lab Tested, Made in Canada. Amazing great quality you expect from a high-quality disposable vape pen.

Why Choose Faded Cannabis Vape Pens?

Faded Cannabis is a trusted name in the Cannabis Edibles & Vapes industry throughout Canada. They have been around for years and know what it takes to create quality products that customers can count on and will return to purchase over and over.  Based in Vancouver, you can trust their Canadian made quality - Faded is a company that specializes in premium flower that goes into every product.

You get consistency in every product including Faded Vape Pens!

Faded Vape Pens come in a choice of several different strains - each with their own individual profiles and terpene structure.

Over 99% pure distillate, with zero PG, zero VG and zero Vitamin E-Acetate, you can be confident of the healthiest vape when you are medicating with Faded Cannabis Co. Faded Vape Pens.

Why Do People Choose Vape Pens?

Vape pens can be a convenient way to get your THC for both recreational and medical usage. Often, people will prefer a vape pen over smoking bud because it can be less rough or harsh than smoking or dabbing.

Another advantage is that cannabis vapour is generally less-detectable over smoke - which allows for a more discrete way of getting high and enjoying the benefits of cannabis.  There is virtually no smell from a Faded Vape Pen.

Faded Cannabis Vape Pens are very easy to use and convenient!

What About The Safety Of Faded Vape Pens?

We can't tell you that smoking or vaping is "safe" - and we know you are wanting enjoyment and pleasure when you get high. We do know though that there has been safety issues related to vaping in which some became very concerned about.

Research later indicated that those vapes that contained Vitamin E-Acetate were responsible for acute and chronic health issues after vaping, and that vapes that contained proplyene glycol, polyethelyne glycol, and/or vegetable glycerine may be harmful when vaped at high temperatures.

For this reason, and to ensure quality and purity, Faded Vape Pens do not use these as ingredients in their vapes.

NO PG / NO VG / NO Vitamin E-Acetate

Get Free Delivery Today!

You can get free 2-hour delivery of Faded vape pens when your order (including anything else from our menu) is $100.00 or more. Free delivery applies to all areas of Toronto (Etobicoke, North York, East York, Scarborough, Downtown, Weston, The Beaches), Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, King City, and Bradford.

For outlying areas including Mississauga, Brampton (all of Peel Region), Pickering, Ajax, etc., please call us before you order online to determine driver availability in your area.

We are also able to ship quickly via Canada Post to your area if we do not have drivers available - we also ship to all areas of Canada, with the same minimum order of $100.00 on any of the products we sell.

Try us - try Faded Vape Pens!