Quantum Distillate 1:1 CBD+THC 1000mg – Natural Flavour


1000 mg blend of  THC/CBD Distillate packaged in an oral syringe.

Undiluted and unflavoured. Available in natural or flavoured. Crude/Raw whole-plant cannabis extract. Using fractional distillation, cannabinoids are stripped from terpenes and wax to derive pure THC. All-natural, cannabis-derived products are anti-inflammatory and can help with acute and chronic pain. The product contains medical cannabis which may cause intoxicating effects.

Flavour: Natural

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Quantum CBD THC Distillate In Syringe

This is a pure CBD/THC blend extracted from cannabis using the fractional distillation method. Fractional distillation involves heat and knowing the temperature that compounds will evaporate. In this way, the pure THC & CBD is extracted and separated from the other chemical compounds in the cannabis/hemp plants, leaving a totally pure blend of the THC and CBD. No terpenes, waxes, or other chemical compounds are in the resulting distillate.

Fractional distillation ensures a solvent-free product.

This product comes within an oral syringe – providing accurate dosing.

Uses For Quantum CBD THC Distillate Syringe

Many people have reported excellent results with chronic pain, sleep disorders, inflammation, mental fatigue, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Please note that we are not providing medical advice; you should see your doctor.

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When You Purchase This Product, Earn
70 CannaPoints in CannaPoints Loyalty Program