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Only One Plant Survived! The Miracle of MAC Weed Strain

angel wings in the sky

Friends, let me tell you about a true miracle that occurred some years ago in the cannabis breeder’s world. I think you will be interested to know, and when you read on, I’ll tell you how you can experience the result of this amazing miracle at a special discount!

Capulator The Weed Breeder

Our story begins with a very private weed breeder who only goes by the name, “Capulator.” Most don’t know his real name, but this was the name he used in the old internet forums and newsgroups that were popular before the age of “Social Media.” Some of you might remember those days, and perhaps even miss them, like I do.

Anyways, Capulator was well known in some of the cannabis breeding boards and forums and in fact, many of today’s cannabis legends started off their breeding careers by spending much time learning from others and sharing their own knowledge in those old time newsgroups and message boards – back when there was much less censorship going on.

Capulator’s Idea

So, with the knowledge he had, and some access to some strains including a Columbian Starfighter plant and an Alien Cookies F2 #7, Capulator decided to try crossing the two. He was quite delighted when he was able to grow a new plant, which he was very proud of, and then managed to collect and store 15 of its seeds!

But then, what seemed like a tragedy struck him.

Capulator had held on to his seeds for a few years before deciding he wanted to grow them.

But then, he made a mistake. You see, it’s a mistake that you’ve probably made as well. I know I have. He forgot about the 15 seeds in his pocket and then threw his clothes into the laundry!!

🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

We’ve all done it – forgot to check our pockets, and something important is later to have discovered to have gone through the soapy wash cycle, the rinse, and spin before the mistake is discovered.

This is what happened to Capulator and his special 15 seeds.

His companion thought to try to help Capulator out and decided to take the seeds and see if they would still germinate in some wet paper towel.

Lo and behold, all 15 seeds did germinate! But this would not be the end of the story.

Capulator’s Miracle

You can probably imagine yourself, the ups and downs and ups – of being excited about an experiment you had planned with 15 seeds, then discovering they had possibly all been ruined by a mistake, and then the excitement with a “Wow! They all worked anyway!” – but then, within two weeks….

Watched as the little sprouts begin to die!!!

But wait….

Except one little seedling – the 15th – somehow survived! And grew, and flourished! Capulator actually lovingly named this weed plant, “Miracle #15.”

Can you imagine? You made a silly mistake, figure it’s “game over” for your plans, but someone that loves you steps in to try to help, and it seems as if maybe you’ll still be able to make something out of the mistake… only to watch another tragedy appear.

But in Capulator’s case, one little seedling survived. And because of that one little seeding, we now have a strain of weed that is beloved by many: Miracle Alien Cookies.

The Real Miracle

Capulator tended to his one surviving plant, and helped it flourish and flower. He then took pollen from this miracle weed plant and dusted the flowers of another Alien Cookies strain with it, in order to create what we now have and know today as Miracle Alien Cookies or sometimes as “MAC.”

Some love this strain so much, they’ve renamed it “Mother of All Cookies” or even “Mother of All Cannabis.”

Try The Miracle For Your Self!

We are really pleased to announce that 420Now has just introduced Miracle Alien Cookies to our menu. And, we’re pretty sure that some of you might like to try this potent strain, that has effects of a euphoric high along with a full body relaxation – one of those strains well-known for creating “happy, happy!”

But this is a limited time discount – good only until Monday. Take 15% off when you buy an ounce of Miracle Alien Cookies!

When you check out, use the coupon code:

MIRACLEWEED (expires October 18, 2021)

Miracle Alien Cookies (AKA MAC) is a classic strain with buds that some think are the most beautiful ever. But you don’t smoke it for its looks. You smoke it for the euphoria it provides.

Medical cannabis users love MAC for a variety of reasons, including for treating conditions such as:

  • Appetite loss
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain

No matter your reasons for wanting to try Miracle Alien Cookies, we’re giving you 15% off until Monday! Again, just use Coupon Code: MIRACLEWEED when you purchase and check out.

Take Me To Miracle Aliens Cookies Strain

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