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Cannabis distillates are an extremely refined concentrate that separates cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids from impurities. resulting in an extremely potent form of THC and CBD (or together).

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We carry about 14 cannabis distillate syringe types and brands – one of them is bound to please you! All from top brands that can be trusted like Quantum, Phyto Extractions, and RSO.

What Are Cannabis Distillates?

Somewhat like distilling alcohol, cannabis distillates are created through a process called molecular distillation.

The process results in a highly concentrated end-product that is often favoured by medical users of cannabis.

Some people love using distillates either on their own or in combination with other cannabis products like flower. A high-quality distillate that is 99% pure will give you 990mg of THC in a 1 gram syringe! So, you are dealing with very extreme high-potency products when using cannabis distillate.

Distillates offer a way to have almost full control over the amount of THC you get without any other ingredient that might be impure to you. For example, you can get edibles with THC, but you might not want, for various reasons, to get your THC with other ingredients that have gone into making the edibles.

How Cannabis Distillate is Used

There are several ways that cannabis distillate is used, medical and recreational use. Distillates are versatile!

While many medical users prefer to take it sublingually (under the tongue where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream faster), it can also be added to food: You’re then making your own cannabis edible!

Others will spice up the THC content of their spliffs by adding distillate to the flower before they light up and smoke.

Still others will find benefits for taking it as a suppository. Some pharmacists argue that medicine is often best taken this way, and the same goes with THC. Because it bypasses the liver when taken in a suppository form, more of the medicine including THC can go to work on the healing processes.

Distillates taken this way may be effective with some forms of cancers including prostate, and women with severe menstrual cramps often have recommended this method for relief.

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