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Shatter Bars By Euphoria Extractions are quickly becoming one of our most popular cannabis edible products - and for good reasons!

And with Free 2 Hour Delivery In The GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Including Toronto, King, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Bradford, Whitchurch-Stouffville, and Markham, there's even more reason to order your Shatter Bars from 420Now Weed Delivery.

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Why Do Our Customers Love Shatter Bars?




420Now Weed Delivery understands the importance of quality ingredients, accurate dosing, and responsiblity with edibles that gives us pleasure - and health - and that's awesome to us, to be able to promote the Euphoria Extractions line of Shatter Bars.

You know both Indica and Sativa have health benefits, you want to enjoy, and also know exactly what you are getting, while enjoying life.... including the taste of good quality chocolate cannabis edibles.

Go ahead - treat yourself with a Shatter Bar.

If you're in the GTA, a $100.00 order will have these exquisitely tasty medically infused chocolates arriving at your door - within two hours.

What Are Shatter Bars?

Shatter Bars by Euphoria Extractions are a fantastic solution for those who prefer edibles / medibles. Made from gourmet quality chocolate, and available in a variety of styles and flavours, you're bound to find a Shatter Bar that you absolutely adore!

Each bar comes in 24 squares, making them perfect for dosing accurately. They are available in 250 mg and 500 mg of Lab Tested Full Spectrum Extract sourced from premium cannabis. Euphoria Shatter Bars are available in Sativa and Indica.

Sativa Or Indica Shatter Bars?

Similar to smoking weed, sativa and indica strains can have different effects. Sativa edibles generally have a more "uplifting" effect while Indica will give more of a body buzz while also have a sedating effect.

Some edible fans suggest that they feel edibles provide more sedation that smoking weed.

Shatter Bars - What Makes Them So Great?

Shatter bars by Euphoria Extractions are not just made. They're crafted with care and with technology from the finest ingredients, including from the highest-quality chocolate available.

Product Safety Cannabis Edibles

Shatter bars and all Euphoria Extraction cannabis edibles are lab-tested for purity and exact dosing.  Every product from Euphoria Extractions can be traced back to it's origin for your food-safety assurance.

Quality Assurance

You can be assured of the highest quality ingredients and processes with Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars! Not only lab-tested, but taste tested for consistency and quality. Cannabis edibles you can trust.

Shatter Bars Free 2 Hour Delivery!

Order minimum $100.00 of any products from our website before 8PM, and you'll get free delivery anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area!

That's right - same day delivery - sumptuous and accurately dosed Shatter Bars can be at your door today when you buy online from 420Now Weed Delivery. We also ship cannabis edibles and weed across Canada. Order yours now!

Shatter Bar FAQ's

Shatter Bars are high-quality chocolate bars with infused cannabis extract from either Indica or Sativa flower. They are made by Euphoria Extractions.

Each Shatter Bar contains either 250 or 500 mg of extract. All Shatter Bars have 24 squares for accurate dosing.

Shatter bars are available in either Indica or Sativa strains.

The actual strains can change change frequently but are provided on the Shatter Bar packaging.

You should start with just one square at a time and see how that makes you feel. It can take up to 2 hours for a piece of Shatter Bar, as is the case with any edible, to fully feel the effects, and can last several hours.

This depends on which Shatter Bars you have. Each one has 24 squares.

If your Shatter Bar has 500 mg, divide that by 24 to know many mg are in a single square: 20.8mg.

If your Shatter Bar has a total of 250mg, you would divide that by 24: 10.4mg.

You can purchase Shatter Bars in Toronto by purchasing from 420Now Weed Delivery. If you order before 8pm, we'll provide free 2 hour delivery same day with a minimum order of any of our products of $100.00.

Shatter Bars Made With Everyone In Mind Including Vegans!

The good folk at Euphoria Extractions have thought about everyone with their development of Shatter Bars. While trying to make sure these medicated edibles are as tasty as possible, they have also created choices for those who hold to a Vegan health style.

Vegans now medicate without worrying about foods that infringe on their conscious choices in life that go against their conscience.

What's not to like about Euphoria Extractions' Shatter Bars? You get it all - precise dosing, exquisite taste, and health and lifestyle consciousness.

Quality Control, Lab Tested. And Made In Canada!

And 420Now Weed Delivery Has Shatter Bars For Sale - with FREE 2 Hour Delivery in the Greater Toronto Area!!